Hester Ranch


60lb COWBOY PACK - (1/8 STEER)

Great for those who want a variety of cuts while only taking up 1.75 cubic feet of freezer space! 60 lbs of all of our awesome steaks, roasts and 15-18lbs of ground beef. All in 1lb packages.

$720 ($12/lb) + Shipping (average shipping cost $30)​


Great for families, splitting with a friend, or for those who love to grill throughout the summer! Get an even greater variety of cuts while saving on cost per pound.  All the same great steaks, roasts, and ground beef - just more to enjoy!

$1,320 ($11/lb) + Shipping (average shipping cost $60)


A great introduction to the variety of Hester Ranch Beef. Takes a little less than 1 cubic foot of freezer space and goes much more quickly that one would think. 

  • 8lbs Steak (2 Ribeyes, 2 Filet Mignon, 2 Top Sirloin, 2 New Yorks)
  • 7lbs Assorted Roasts
  • 10lbs Ground Beef
  • All in 1lb packages

$375 ($15/LB) + Shipping (average shipping cost $15)

Please Note

  • Shipping Method - All orders are shipped via FedEx in a Styrofoam or Plastic Cooler. The meat is vacuum sealed and frozen with dry-ice to ensure frozen meat upon arrival. 

  • Shipping Cost - Average shipping cost estimates are based on Northern California destinations. Please feel free to contact us at (530)255-4569 for a free quote on shipments to your area!

  • Supply & Pre-Orders - We harvest once a month to ensure adequate supply while maintaining a fresh supply of beef. Therefore, we might be sold out around the end of the month. To ensure your pre-order on next month's harvest, or a month of your choice, we accept a 10% non-refundable deposit.

  • Questions? Please call us at (530)255-4569!

Hester Ranch Beef Packages

Buy 100% ORganic Grass-Fed Beef


​We happily ship our awesome Ground Beef in 10lb shipments. They are vacuumed sealed into easy to handle 1lb packages, which are perfectly portioned for any meal!

$80 ($8/lb) + Shipping (average shipping cost $10)  


For the serious beef lover who likes having a full freezer - or for groups who like bulk bargain buys to split up later! Either way you are gonna get a lot of awesome beef with every cut and for an even better price! Order before the next harvest and get your package cut and wrapped the way you want!

$2,400 ($10.00/lb) + Shipping (average shipping cost $100)