Hester Ranch


Kayden & Teriah 

Kayden and Teriah came all the way from Los Angeles to get some ranch experience & some awesome Hester Ranch Beef!

David & Jenna

Dave and Jenna are valued customers from Walnut Creek and even took the opportunity to make a visit even on a rain day!  We took the time to check cows at our Elk Creek Ranch.  

Happy Customer testimonials


Ranch visitors


Bubba is one of my cowboys in training. A Cupertino Native who comes and visits me quite often!


Sarah will not be outdone by her brother Bubba. Showing she can take the reins by herself!

"Hester cares about animals and making a great product. We've been loyal customers for over 5 years. We love the beef, but we love our rancher too! Tim is attentive and always looking for feedback to make their beef even more amazing. I love the variety of cuts and the reasonably sized packages. We eat a ton of it every year."
– Alinna S.

"We own the ranch right next to Hester's and have known them for 15 plus years. They say that great beef comes from happy cows, and I know for a fact that the happiest cows graze Hester Ranch. I ride frequently with the Hesters helping them move cattle and I can attest to the humane treatment of their cattle. Their meat is the best I've eaten and I currently reside in the Midwest (where they claim to be the beef capital). Beyond beef quality, I couldn't think of a more fantastic family ranch to support! Hester Beef, it's what's for dinner!" 
- Moira G.

"Great family. Their beef is great. We sell their ground beef in our store and everyone loves it. May God continue to bless them."
– Trish D.

"Top quality beef, and a different variety of cuts. Haven't had a bad piece yet!"
– Cody L.

"Hard working family creating a quality true organic product. I am pleased to say the beef was amazing and pleased to have made their acquaintance."
– Berkley S.

"My wife and I have been buying and happily hooked on Hester Ranch beef since our first taste over three years ago now. I've even gotten to the point I won't think about ordering a steak or burger when we go out since the simple backyard BBQs with Hester beef is just that much better. I'd highly recommend Hester Ranch Beef to anyone who cares about taste and what they put into their bodies.

PS. I would advise however that if you do buy in bulk as we do be careful who you tell, it starts by people politely wanting to try it and ends with them expecting that you supply the beef to every dinner."

– Gus V.

"The organic grass fed beef from Hester Ranch is amazing. You can really tell the difference between Hester beef and commercial meats from grocery chain stores. Along with the meat being phenomenal, the Hester family is very generous and is easy to work with."
– Danny W.

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Bee Tour

Last June we had a large group of repeat beef buyers come join us for the weekend. Part of our activities included a bee tour at our neighbors, Pendell Apiaries.